Generating qualified leads is very hard

Finding a professional sales agency to actually deliver on what they promise is even harder.

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What's the story ?

Sales as a Service has become more popular than ever. The right sales and marketing agency can deliver VP level expertise to small businesses without the risk and expense associated with hiring in-house staff. One of the most difficult parts of any business is finding enough high-quality leads at the top of the sales funnel. As the “Sales as a Service” industry has grown, so have companies that make wild claims of generating more leads than you can handle.

Taking a qualitative vs. quantitative approach allows us to offer service at every stage of your growth within a budget you can afford. We work effortlessly to line realistic expectations. Our team becomes your team by delivering results through hard work, regular reporting, and consistent communication.

Modular services like sales model consulting, sales management, digital marketing, demand generation, and inside sales make us a premier choice for a growing business. Our LinkedIn and Email marketing service is designed as an affordable way to introduce what SalesLink 360 can do for your company…

What’s Included ?

  • Development of your LinkedIn Profile Page.
  • Development of your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Build LinkedIn Sales Navigator prospect list
  • LinkedIn campaign message development
  • Hosted Campaign landing page with Calendly™ meeting scheduler
  • 5 custom email marketing messages
  • Production of bombbomb™ company video introduction.
  • Free use of SalesLink 360 contact data base for all email marketing
  • Full Zoho Campaigns™ email delivery platform
  • Guaranteed connection requests and messages based on subscription level
  • Guaranteed weekly email marketing and performance report
  • Dedicated daily lead generation agent based on subscription 2 | 4 | 6 hours daily
  • No contracts. – month to month agreement. Cancel at any time, for any reason.
Special Offer *$500 Value

Receive excel CSV spreadsheet with 1000 free industry contacts including name, title, address, phone, email, website and more! Free with each new subscription.

What to Expect

Choose from the plans below


40 hours/month Demand Specialist
3000 LinkedIn Connection Requests
1 Optimized LinkedIn Profile
Free Industry Sales Contact List
Weekly Email Marketing + Reporting
Zoho CRM and Email Platform
Month to Month – no minimum term



80 hours/month Demand Specialist 
6000 LinkedIn Connection Requests
2 Optimized LinkedIn Profiles 
Free Industry Sales Contact List 
Weekly Email Marketing + Reporting 
Zoho CRM and Email Platform 
Month to Month – no minimum term



120 hours/month Demand Specialist 
9000 LinkedIn Connection Requests
3 Optimized LinkedIn Profiles  
Free Industry Sales Contact List 
Weekly Email Marketing + Reporting 
Zoho CRM and Email Platform 
Month to Month – no minimum term